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Aspergillus Alternaria Stachybotrys

Scopulariopsis mold picture DIS-10 System mold photomicrograph

Aspergillus mold tape sample DDS mold photomicrograph

Alternaria mold swab sample DIS-10 photomicrogrpah

Stachybotrys sometimes know to the general public as black mold or toxic mold



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Alternaria mold air sample DIS-10 System mold picture

Curvularia mold tape sample

BCMIS in California offers mold inspection and testing services for residential, commercial, or industrial properties: Serving Home Owners, Realtors, Buyers and Sellers, Insurance Companies, Remediators, Landlords, Tenants, Property Managers, and any consumer in the public or private sectors that is seeking superior indoor air quality mold inspections and testing.

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Bay Cities Mold Inspection provides indoor air quality mold inspections and testing to the greater San Francisco Bay Area including Marin, Sonoma
and Napa.
BCMIS provides mold surface and air sampling for fungal contamination investigations - with professional services specializing in building and home
inspections for black toxic molds. Rapid analytical mold laboratory reporting is provided through BCMIS mold inspectors to residential and commercial clients.

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