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Aspergillus Alternaria Stachybotrys

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Stachybotrys sometimes know to the general public as black mold or toxic mold



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BCMIS in California offers mold inspection and testing services for residential, commercial, or industrial properties: Serving Home Owners, Realtors, Buyers and Sellers, Insurance Companies, Remediators, Landlords, Tenants, Property Managers, and any consumer in the public or private sectors that is seeking superior indoor air quality mold inspections and testing. Contact BCMIS

Bay Cities Mold Inspection provides indoor air quality mold inspections and testing to Novato California and all of Sonoma County in CA
Bay Cities Mold
provides mold surface and air sampling for fungal contamination investigations - with professional services specializing in building and home
inspections for black toxic molds. Rapid analytical mold laboratory reporting is provided through BCMIS mold inspectors to residential and commercial clients.


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Contact a physician about any health concerns

  Novato Mold Testing
  Why Order a Mold Inspection and Test for Mold?

There are many reasons to order a test for mold. Mold testing can be advisable if litigation is a concern or if health issues warrant a test. Property transfers may also warrant a mold inspection, as consumers, realtors, insurance companies and other stakeholders become aware of health concerns and possible associated responsibilities and liabilities. Testing before or after mold remediation can provide valuable information to consumers when possible health risk or hazard become involved in litigation and liability concerns arise due to mold contamination.


At no time should
a mold inspector
diagnose health
problems or
  Bay Cities Mold Inspection Provides Fast Mold Testing Laboratory Reports

When suspected mold exposure creates a health risk or hazard, a qualified mold testing microbiologist and mycologist can be helpful for providing a professional mold inspection.

Customers typically request mold inspections when the fungal contamination indoors exceeds their ability to perform adequate cleaning, or when the occupant is suffering from suspected mold-associated health problems. For example, professional mold inspection services are frequently requested when fungal contamination exceeds 10 square feet or when unseen contamination is creating mold odors or health concerns. Other reasons someones might request a mold inspection are when the presence of mold is involved in imminent litigation, or when a physician is trying to isolate a harmful organism.

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For any of these needs, consumers can contact professional mold inspection services, like those provided by Bay Cities Mold Inspection. A physician should be seen for health issues, an attorney should be contacted for legal matters, and an abatement specialist is needed for mold remediation. For insurance claims, fast action is recommended, as mold can double in 24 to 72 hours under the right conditions. Click here for more information.
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  Bay Cities Mold Inspection is committed to providing families, businesses, and all consumers with customer services designed to assist in the maintenance of  healthy indoor environments at home or in the workplace.  Since molds need moisture to thrive - indoor environments should always be kept clean and as dry as possible.
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We provide rapid response in emergency situations, clearance testing, quality assurance to residential and commercial clients, attention to project timelines and full analytical laboratory reporting. Contact us here to discuss your mold inspection needs.


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